the altmed difference

AltMed LLC is a fully integrated, science-based Florida company bringing compassion, community engagement and pharmaceutical industry precision to the development, production and dispensing of medical cannabis.

Inspired by a first hand connection with patient and caretaker communities and driven by the opportunity to make a difference, AltMed’s mission is to produce safe, reliable and effective cannabis based therapies with pharmaceutical industry level quality and consistency.

AltMed’s Executive Chairman and its CEO are both highly experienced former senior pharmaceutical executives. Together they’ve assembled an outstanding team with strong research capabilities and time-tested operations and community engagement skills.  Everyone at AltMed shares a common passion for building a new kind of company – a company born to take a leading role in delivering better alternative medicines to help patients and their families achieve wellness.

Build a new kind of company focused on growing wellness

At AltMed, our background is the pharmaceutical industry. So we’re profoundly aware of the contribution of conventional pharmaceuticals to human health.  Yet we also know that for many of those suffering from chronic conditions, conventional pharmaceuticals fall short.  Our mission is to advance alternative cannabis-based therapies to improve patient well-being.   We believe these therapeutic options can improve well-being, reduce side effects and cut the risk of addiction.   We’re here because we care. We’re committed to patients and their quest for wellness.


And we’re determined to make a difference.

Working With the Community

AltMed aims to be an active participant and contributor in the cannabis-based medications industry. We are committed to working closely with advocates and a number of well recognized non profits representing patients.


Partners We Work With

Partnerships are a key component of AltMed’s strategic innovation plan. We will seek to form a powerful ecosystem of dynamic partners to coordinate and leverage the impact of our research. Through collaboration, we will  benefit from the knowledge of others and deliver the best possible products for every patient’s needs.

Still something you want to know?

If you have a specific question about AltMed cannabis-based medicines and can’t find the answer you need in our Learning Centre drop us a line.

*Please note:  Thousands of Florida physicians and patients are looking for answers on cannabis treatment and our resources are limited.  We will try to respond to all inquiries but it may take us time. Thanks for your understanding.