Zoning has been approved for AltMed’s new growing facility – a site where 21st century thinking, designed from the ground up, will create the optimum in secure, precision-managed growing environments.  First year operations will cultivate 25,000 sq. ft. of indoor space and 20,000 sq. ft. of  outdoor land, scaling up to 250,000 indoor/outdoor operations over the next 5-years.

Award-winning Sarasota builder John Canon will construct AltMed’s advanced state-of-the-art growing facility, enabling AltMed to set new benchmarks for purity, security and calibrated, consistently monitored quality control.

Our new facility will have the capacity to grow safe and effective medical cannabis year after year under rigorously controlled and ultra-secure conditions.   An onsite lab will conduct exacting quality control testing and direct plant-breeding programs targeting specific medical conditions.


Security First

Elite security measures include scanner tracking of all personnel and electronically controlled and monitored access,  backed by a 24 hour on-site security team.  AltMed will be a great addition to its community:  a good employer, a good neighbor, and a committed contributor.

Artist rendering, finished product may vary.

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