the science of medical cannabis

“A scientist who is also a human being cannot rest while knowledge which might reduce suffering rests on the shelf.”

~ Dr, Albert Sabin

Transforming Ancient Molecules into Modern Miracles

History records that cannabis has been in continuous use as a medicinal treatment for nearly 5000 years. Despite prohibition, people have continued to use cannabis as a therapeutic treatment, reporting unique heath benefits.

In recent years patient activists, backed by a sympathetic public have challenged the prohibition of medical cannabis all over North America.  With the relaxation of research barriers, scientists have discovered more than 80 medically significant cannabis compounds – molecules that promise entirely new targeted therapies.

Transforming Public Opinion

Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s remarkable medical cannabis CNN feature

Dr. Sanjay Gupta inspired CNN audiences with the journey of discovery that changed his views on the value of medical marijuana. Dr. Gupta’s special documentary stands as a significant shift in reporting on the new therapeutic interest in medical cannabis.

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