Understanding the landscape

Breaking through the Stigma

Although physicians and healers throughout history have used cannabis as medicine, modern practitioners have, until recently, been kept in the dark. Even today as more and more states move to legalize the use of medical cannabis, a sense stigma persists from decades of prohibition and misinformation.  Yet despite ongoing challenges and ongoing mixed messages from regulators, persuasive lines of evidence confirming the significant medicinal properties of cannabis are mounting.

Beyond a vast body of case reports, what’s turning the tide for cannabis research is the discovery of mammalian cannabinoid receptors, first reported in 1988. Research into human ‘endogenous cannabinoids’ is revealing a critical role for these compounds in regulating key physiological and neurological systems. It’s a medical breakthrough on a par with the discovery of endorphins in 1974 – and one with vast implications in areas like the treatment and control of epilepsy.

AltMed is committed to advancing the medical understanding of cannabis through research and education

One element of this commitment will be met by producing consistent products, available in precisely controlled doses — products that can support rigorously controlled research.

AltMed aims to become a knowledge center, building networks with researchers and producers as well as patient and physician groups. And because education is an essential component of our mission, creating processes to share information with our physician and patient communities is a priority.

“My vision for ALTMED is to develop medicinal cannabis of the highest quality produced and founded on advanced scientific research.”

~ Dr. Christopher Witowski. Director of Laboratory and Processing Services

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